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Practical info about your consultation or hospitalization.

You can schedule your appointment online. If you choose to schedule an appointment online, keep in mind that during the process you will be asked to fill in the following information:

  • national registry number
  • date of birth

You can also make your appointment by phone at 03 320 58 00. Please allow for the necessary wait times via this route.

Our specialists do consultation on several locations. You can register 15 minutes prior to your appointment at the kiosk or at our front desk.

The cost of a consultation in our private campuses Kielsevest, Orthoca Noord and Brussels is higher than the cost of a consultation in our hospital in Deurne. 

All of our doctors are non-conventional. For more information on this, please see the AZ Monica website.

If you need to undergo surgery, you will be admitted to AZ Monica Deurne or AZ Monica Antwerp for this purpose.

Would you like more information regarding the cost of your surgery? Then contact our secretariat for a detailed cost estimate.

For more practical information regarding admission, please visit the AZ Monica website.

In Belgium, there is a law regarding patient rights. For example, as a patient, you are entitled to:

  • quality service provision
  • free choice of practitioner
  • receiving information on health status
  • being informed and freely consenting to an intervention
  • learning whether the professional is insured and authorized to practice his profession
  • a carefully maintained patient record, with the opportunity for inspection and copying
  • protection of privacy
  • filing a complaint with an ombuds service

For more information about your rights as a patient, visit the federal government’s website.

At each location, we have a number of facilities that you can use during a consultation:

  • wheelchair
  • crutches