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To strengthen our team, we are still looking for motivated employees.


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Orthoca is an association of orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and sports physicians. In addition, our group consists of reception clerks, medical secretaries and nurses.

For each orthopedic body part, our service has one or more specialized doctors making us a full service orthopedic center. They treat both national and international patients with a problem of bones, tendons and muscles, among others. Our doctors’ great expertise and continuous education in their fields allow them to offer high-quality care with accurate diagnosis in even the most complex cases.

Consultations take place at “SPM” in Deurne and at 2 private practices: “Kielsevest” in Antwerp-South and “Orthoca Noord” in Sint-Job-In-‘t-Goor. Operations are performed at AZ Monica campus Deurne and AZ Monica campus Antwerp.

Our goal, with the support of AZ Monica, is to offer the highest quality orthopedic care for all. We are a professional team that is developing rapidly and is committed to a fun working atmosphere!

What you do:

  • You will be employed in the medical secretariat where you will be responsible for providing administrative support to our orthopedic physicians and handling patient records;
  • Je voert verschillende back office-taken uit:
    • Uittypen van medische verslagen.
    • Preparation of cost estimates.
    • Preparation and follow-up of NIHDI-related files.
    • Checking and entering supplements.
    • You coordinate the various mailboxes
  • You will manage the electronic appointment system and oversee the completeness of patient records.
  • You will be part of the Administrative Planning Cell. You will manage all administrative tasks in scheduling operations.
  • You will provide an efficient, professional and warm welcome to patients, primarily by telephone;
  • You can appropriately manage incoming calls and you are short on time.

Why is this something for you?

  • You have a bachelor’s degree in Medical Management Assistant or equivalent through experience.
  • You have a keen interest in the medical field.
  • You can work both independently and as part of a team.
  • You are administratively highly effective and accurate.
  • You have communication skills and can express yourself fluently in Dutch, French and English, both written and oral.
  • You are patient-oriented and carry patient-friendliness in high regard.
  • You have spunk, are stress resistant and can handle a high work pace.
  • You have very good knowledge of Microsoft Office. Knowledge of or experience with other IT applications is a plus.
  • You can type smoothly and blindly.
  • You do not have a 9-to-5 mentality and you are willing to be flexible regarding hours.
  • Immediate availability is a plus.
  • You can work full-time (40 hours per week – no weekends).

What you get

  • Varied and exciting job with extensive duties in an enthusiastic team.
  • A full-time fixed-term contract (40h/week) with option for permanent contract.
  • No weekends.
  • Place of employment is primarily AZ Monica campus Deurne and you are willing to jump in at our other practices.
  • Of course, you will be paid according to current hospital pay scales (IFIC) and relevant seniority will be carried over.
  • Additional legal benefits: meal vouchers, hospitalization insurance.

What you do

You will be responsible in the reception area for providing efficient and quality service to patients, physicians and in-house staff.

The following tasks are among your responsibilities:

  • You handle the reception and enrollment of outpatients
  • You will answer the phone and emails and make appointments in an electronic calendar
  • You take care of payments and send bills to patients and insurance agencies.
  • You provide information
  • You take care of general administration and filing

Why is this something for you?

  • You can work both independently and as part of a team and have adequate communication skills.
  • You are administratively very effective and accurate.
  • You work customer-focused and carry customer-friendliness as a top priority.
  • You have spunk, are stress resistant and can handle a high work pace.
  • You are perfectly Dutch-speaking and have a good knowledge of French and English.
  • You can type fluently and Windows and MS Office hold no secrets for you.
  • You don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality.
  • You are willing to work on the 3 campuses (Deurne campus, Kielsevest and Orthoca Noord).

What you get

  • Varied and exciting job with extensive duties in an enthusiastic team.
  • Een bepaalde duur contract (40uur/week) (met optie vast).
  • No weekends
  • Place of employment at AZ Monica campus Deurne and private practices in Antwerp and Sint-Job-In-‘T-Goor.
  • Of course, your salary will be paid according to hospital pay scales and relevant seniority will be carried over.
  • Additional legal benefits: meal vouchers, hospitalization insurance.

What you do

  • As an orthopaedic center nurse, you will be jointly responsible for the friendly reception and safety of patients, the efficient running of consultations, the planning of procedures and necessary materials and, as an instrumental nurse, you will support the physicians to provide quality care to patients before, during and after procedures.
  • You function under the daily direction of the orthopedist for whom you work and under the responsibility of the nursing and medical service head
  • You will report directly to the nursing service manager of the orthopedic center.
  • You will work closely with the administrative staff of the orthopedic center and with the operating room staff
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Receiving outpatients
  • Wound care and application of plaster dressings
  • Coordinating and making appointments for surgical procedures
  • Instrumentation in surgical procedures

Why is this something for you?

  • You are an undergraduate nurse and are open to continuing education.
  • You attended or are willing to attend radioprotection training.
  • Ok experience is a strong plus
  • You work customer-focused and exude integrity
  • You are able to recognize care needs, independently plan, coordinate, provide and evaluate care. All this, of course, in an expert, flexible and creative manner.
  • You possess the necessary empathy and empathy for others.
  • You like variety and diversity in your job.
  • You are able to provide information and education to the patient
  • You can express yourself fluently in French and English
  • You have sufficient computer skills to handle office and standard packages fluently
  • You are able to report to fellow nurses and physicians.
  • You work attentively, orderly, safely and hygienically.
  • You can work within a multidisciplinary team.
  • You adopt a collegial attitude and are fair and objective in action and conduct.
  • Patient safety is an obvious one for you
  • You are flexible, stress resistant.

What you get

  • We offer you a full-time, open-ended contract within a technically advanced work environment in an Orthopedic highly specialized OR and consultation environment with no weekends or on-call shifts.
  • Of course, your salary is paid according to hospital pay scales with specific conditions: relevant seniority is carried over or you start with at least 3 years of seniority, which increases to 5 years from the third year of work.
  • We’ll give you free hospitalization insurance.
    In addition to a tasty meal in our cafeteria, you also get a debit card for your meal vouchers (6.5€/working day), which makes shopping extra enjoyable.
  • New colleagues receive a warm welcome at AZ Monica. During our induction day and the welcoming process in the department, you will get all the information you need to start your career at AZ Monica with great enthusiasm.
  • Furthermore, you can count on a lot of extras at AZ Monica. For example, there are ongoing actions from our well-being policy Health@work. Just think about our monthly fruit distribution, yoga sessions, lunch walks….